Save user session KEY (custom states? must not use DB)

I use external service’s API to log in users. This Log In API action gives me a ‘user session KEY’ as an output.

I need to use it every time the user reloads the page, aims to give him the ability to log in automatically if he has already logged in recently.

I don’t know how to save that KEY in Bubble, I can’t use DB (for my specific goals), if I use the Custom States, then it would not be saved if the page is reloaded.

How should I save that KEY?

Guys, I need you. I’ve tried custom states + transferring data between pages. It is unreliable.
I need to access user-token KEY & objectId KEY even when the user closes my app and comes back after 20 minutes.

user1 user2 user3 user4

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