How to access the API actions of a custom built plugin?

I’m creating a custom plugin.

I’ve defined a bunch of external API calls under the API Calls tab of the plugin editor.

The majority of the calls are defined as Actions. And they have parameters that needs to be filled in by the plugin user.

For example this is one of the calls (some details redacted):

I installed a test version of this custom plugin on my app. It also has an element, which I added to the page.

But the life of me I can’t figure out how to access the API calls I defined in the plugin.

I thought I would find them as Actions in my apps Workflows, but I can’t see them.

Where are these API Actions and how do I use them?

Did you initialise the API calls in the plugin editor? If you didn’t they won’t show up as actions.

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I initialised the first call (that you can see in the screenshot above) but he rest I have not because they rely on data provided from the first call.

But even the first call I did initialise cannot be found in my workflow actions.

Ok got it working thanks!

Just needed to initialise a few more and it’s working now thanks :slight_smile:

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