How to add a circle overlay on a Google Map

Hi all. My understanding is that there isn’t a plugin that lets you draw a circle / update the radius on Gmaps (@AliFarahat’s Google Maps Extended might have had this but I’ve looked through his source code and see nothing about adding circles).

Here’s a first try app where I tried using the toolbox plugin and the maps javascript api but it doesn’t work. Any pointers would be appreciated.

This woud bevery nice to have!!
One more looking for this feature!

Out of curiosity, what is the intended use of the circle on the map you are looking for? I have had a similar interest and have employed a couple funky work-arounds, neither of which fully satisfied my need.


@zelus_pudding , I added a circle overlay to a map in the form of an icon edited to look like what you are looking for. I set it to touch the four sides of my square map, so one could say the radius of the circle was half the pixel width/height. The work-around didn’t suit my needs, but it had the appearance of a circle as one would render in a Google map. It just lacked the functionality of the Google map circle overlay, if that makes any sense.