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Embed Google Map with Drawing/Line/Polygon Functionality

Hey Bubblers,

I’ve been working on an app for over a month, and now there’s just one last bit of functionality I haven’t figured out how to implement. I hope one of you talented folks can help.

I want my users to be presented with a Google map with overlaid drawing tools, like this:

My users should then be able to draw lines and polygons over sections of the map that they have covered on a route.

This page contains Google’s documentation for this. I’ve tried following the instructions, embedding it in an HTML object, using the API Key I got from Google, and with the iFrame option enabled. But when I preview my page, I get the following error message:

ANY help embedding a Google map with drawing functionality would be VERY appreciated.

Did you check the Console ?

So (in Chrome at least) right click the page and choose “Inspect”.

My guess would be that your API key isn’t working. Do you have an API Key ?

Did you enable your API key for “Googe Maps Javascript API” ?

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