How to add a number to an item in a list of thing

Hi I’m doing a leaderboard for my app and I need your help . I want the current user to be able to search for his user profil and know which is his position in the leaderboard ( 1 st for example ) . That’s why I do not wanna use the current cell index number .

sorry the searchbox text is in french

Hey @jackncurious :wave:

If you don’t want to save this number to the DB, you can still use Current Cell's Index but with a trick.

Simply, show all the runners in the repeating group and hide the group or the element in the cell based on the filters (inputs values, dropdown values etc). See the demo below:

The numbers you see before names is the Current Cell's Index. They still don’t change because, technically, I am just hiding other cells:

And the min height is 0 also, to make sure they don’t appear:

If you want to see the full editor, here it is: Bubble Demos by Flusk | Bubble Editor

I hope this gives you some starting point.

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Thanks for your response