How to add another role in a repeating group maunally

Hi there

So I want to have a repeating group where users can fill out multiple work experiences in different groups within a repeating group, (Kind of like when you on a job website you can fill in multiple work experiences)

this workflow I am thinking about is when a user presses this plus icon which adds another ‘row’ in the repeating group for people to fill in, how should I make this work? thanks!

Hi there, @enbitious… it looks like you have a User Experience data type, so one way you could go here is to simply create a new thing in that data type when the user clicks the plus icon. With the repeating group displaying things from the User Experience data type that were created by the current user, the newly-created thing will show up in the repeating group when the plus icon is clicked, the user can fill out the details associated with that thing. and you would save the information by making changes to the cell’s thing.

Hope this helps.


Hi there, thanks for the response, I have tried this, however, 2 problem I am facing here right now is

  1. it doesn’t show on the page if I don’t have any data, therefore the user cannot add their experience,

2 problem is that when the user click add now they have this work experience recorded what if they want to add more, hows should I do this? Thanks!

It doesn’t look like your repeating group has a data source. As I mentioned in my first reply, I assume it should be a search for user experiences with a constraint of Created by = Current User.

It seems like you are talking about two different things now. You initially mentioned a plus icon, and now you are showing an add button. With the suggestion I made, there is no need for the user to click an add button to add the experience because a thing was already created for that experience when the plus icon was clicked.

Oh ok, let me try this again, my bad I didn’t quite get your first message.

No worries… the concept should be pretty easy to implement. Put a plus icon or an add button outside of the repeating group, and when the icon/button is clicked, create a new thing in the User Experience data type.

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