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Add line to repeating group on button click

Hello! I’m struggling with a problem. I’ve read a lot of articles concerning this, but still can not achieve what I want. (I’m a bubble beginner really)

So here is the problem:
I’m creating some sort of recruiting platform. Users can add information abot their job expirience and education. Also I want them to have an opportunity to add more than one piece of information after clicking the “add” button.
here is an example (or the use case): I’m a user. I’ve just added my current job position (company name, sart date, end date, description). I need to add another job (previous one). So I click the button “add” and the same lines (company name, sart date, end date, description) appears (empty). I fulfill them with the information. that’s it.

Also I need this information to be saved to the database.
I would be very grateful if you guys describe me the step by step process of creating this user flow

What I suggest is creating a “temporary” job data type. Or it can be permanent.

When you load up the page, you would by default create this job data type (all fields would be blank) and set a state (use the page as a reference). The state would hold a list of job data types.

Your repeating group would then have a content type of “jobs” and the data source would be the state’s list of jobs.

When a User clicks “add”, you would create a new job data type and add it to the state. That would add a new row into the repeating group. When the User is finished creating that posting, you would refer to the state for all the relevant jobs to add to the listing data type.

Hope that helps!

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So as I understand, the idea is to create several inputs for job positions and then to make them visivle after the button clicked? if so, then how can I create dynamic updates of a database when a user ads a new position?

No - you would create one initial job data entry (itll show in the repeating group).

After that, every time the user clicks add line, you’d create the next job data entry, put it in the state, and it should show in the repeating group.

still can’t achieve what ia want. I understand your idea, but it seems I need to dive deepe into custom states