How to add Bulk JSON files stored in Github to my bubble database?

Hello Bubble experts :wave:

I recently asked a question regarding fetching a json file from Github here (which works perfectly)

But the problem is i am having Hunderd’s of JSON files in my Github
Does anybody knows how to fetch or add all the JSON files data in my database ?
or do i have to fetch one by one & save it in my database?

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:

@mdburhan3 I’d use a scraper and and store them in a csv, from there you can import that file and have everything in bubble.

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Hi @Clasicwebtools
Thanks for the response :+1:

Can you tell me what is scraper?
Can you please point me to some tutorial :pray:

@mdburhan3 I usually code them myself with Selenium in Python, that’s kinda complex. There are a ton of solutions out there if you search for web scraper.

Not sure how many pages they are but you could use something like , it has a free tier pretty powerful.

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I will try this :point_up_2:
Thanks a lot for your help :pray:

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Use a backend workflow and schedule on a list of things.

Here’s a good video

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Hi @doug.burden

Thanks :+1: