How to host static json data on a page?

Hi all, I’m trying to recreate my website in bubble and wondering how to achieve something like this static json page:

I just need to host a version.json file with this file structure so that my other ios/android apps can httprequest the json data.

Bonus if there’s a way to connect it to github so it automatically updates whenever I modify and push this file to github.

Or if there’s a totally different way I should be going about this please let me know!

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Following, currently looking for a similar thing. Was considering trying to just send the data to a github page, but this would be better.


I’m using github pages currently which works great for this usecase. Ideally I’d like to keep everything under one domain (with bubble) but if there’s not a way to do this in bubble I guess could just keep using github pages for it.

@heavypoly are you just looking to host version.json at https://YOURDOMAIN/version.json?

You can host files on the root directory in the SEO section of ‘Settings’

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Ah! This looks like it could work. 2 minor issues though, I’d want https://MYDOMAIN/data/version.json is something like that possible? Also is there a way to sync it with github or even dropbox/google drive so when I edit the file locally it automatically pushes to bubble?

@heavypoly okay I have found a solution which is working for me and might for you.

From bubble backend workflow I am making an API call to GitHub where I am updating a json file, within a folder called data. Just going to run this hourly for now, I need it updated but not super frequently.

With CloudFlare pages I am hosting a static site which gets updated whenever the GitHub repo is updated.

On CloudFlare I have given this a custom domain, which is a sub of my primary bubble app domain “

So now people can just hit that url and it will give them the most recent version of the data.

All of those are free, so seems like the best option for my needs, hope this helps!

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Nice solution, thanks!

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