How to add dynamic text and photos from YouTube?

Hi, I need help adding dynamic text/data to my bubble app from youtube.

As you can see i want to display the title of the video and below the video the channels picture and name. How would I get this working? thanks.

You would need to use the Youtube API which you could access via the Bubble API Connector.
After that once the API is initialized in your app you should be able to dynamically fetch the data in your workflows

Yeah I agree, API is probably the best route for full control - docs:

With that said, there are a couple of plugins (outside of Bubble’s own YouTube plugin) that do have some functionality to get data, might be worth checking out - but might not have full access to all parameters such as video thumbnail or channel profile photo…

Sorry about being so bothersome, but once i the API key where do i put it in bubble? Also how would I actually set these parameters to enable those? I’m not very technical, more invested in the UI of things.

No worries.

To start with your want to in your Bubble app, go to the Plugins section and add a new plugin called ‘API Connector’ - this will allow you to build your API with set parameters and authentication.

Then register with Google developers to your obtain authorization credentials.

Every API will work differently and YouTube is one that I haven’t directly used.

For learning to build an API within your Bubble app, I recommend referring to the Bubble manual/documentation and also checking out @copilot course:
‘Mastering APIs’

Its very helpful and will get you started, providing the learning building blocks to making requests and setting up data parameters.

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