How to add HTML scripts like ProveSource or Beamer to your Bubble App

How to add HTML scripts (and meta tags) like ProveSource, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics or Beamer to your Bubble App:
(This is a repost of @BassLab’s post)

You need to go to the settings tab in your editor (on the left hand side menu), then click on the SEO / Metatags (found at the top).

And from there you are able to input scripts/meta tags in the header, also script in the body.

see this image…

(For beamer, you can actually use this plugin:)

How to access individual page settings:

Word of note here… if you add it in the settings area, you’ll have that code run no matter the page of your app.

So something like Provesource would literally show on every page, which usually isn’t the needed use case.

For scripts that are page specific, it’s better to add in the individual page settings.


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And how would you suggest to do that? :slightly_smiling_face: (How do you access individual page settings.)

You can either select the page name from the top dropdown, or double click an area in the editor to bring up the page settings.


Thanks for sharing this!

Where can I find the HTML body for the page? I only see the header.