How to add hyperlinks to Dropdowns


I want to add links to my dropdown links in Bubble. But not able to so, how to start the workflow as dropdown is not coming as element to be put .

Please help in this issue.

If you want a dropdown of hyperlinks and if a user selects that link and their page should be changed then there are a few ways. Use a group/repeating group designed as a dropdown or when dropdown’s value is changed use a workflow to either open an external site or go to page of your site.

Hi William,

Very thanks for the answer but the only problem is there is no workflow for dropdown menu.

So I have to add a group with buttons and made it hidden I have tried this way also but the group are not remaining static after clicking the dropdown icon the group is getting hidden even after clicking the dropdown because it is getting collapsed.

Any solution for this problem.

Hi ig11,

You can use the workflow event “An input’s value is changed” for that:


Next use some actions + conditions to determine what needs to happen. To prevent having to use a lot of actions (1 for every link) you could use an option set (which includes the options and associated links) as the source for the dropdown:

  1. Option set:


  1. Attributes

  1. Settings dropdown


  1. Workflow action to open the (external) link/website:


This way you only need 1 action.

Hi @gerbertdelangen,

This helped me a lot while setting hyperlinks but one issue is their my last dropdown field is Logout that will log the user out.

So is there any way to add hyperlinks as well as logout feature in same dropdown menu.

Indeed add the the option Logout to the option set and use a condition in the workflow:

  1. A condition “this dropdowns value is not Logout” for the action which opens the links


  1. Add another action to log out the user:

Thanks @gerbertdelangen it finally worked.

There was another question of mine like when a press tab after company name it should move to country code dropdown but instead it is moving to email id input so any solution for this problem?

It seems it has to do with the order of the input elements (and groups the elements are part of) on the page, it will be from left to right, up to down. See the example below, the numbers show the order.

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