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Making dropdown options act as links

So what I am trying to do is set a group of options in a dropdown box. When an option is chosen I want the page it connects to to open up in a new tab like the links do.

Alternatively how can I trigger a link to be clicked based on someone using the dropdown box?

You could create a Thing that stores an “Option” (text) field and a “URL” (text) field (assuming the user is navigating to an external website). Then set the dropdown’s data type to that Thing, the data source to be a search for that Thing (or however you want to retrieve it, maybe you have it stored as a list somewhere attached to the user), the caption to be the Thing’s Option, etc.

For the trigger, try “An Input’s Value is Changed,” which you get by clicking that last button in the Workflow panel (I don’t think its workflow shows up as an option if you right click the dropdown input in Design). Then use “open an external website” and set the dynamic data to be the Thing’s URL.

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I think a new page opening based on a dropdown is a little unusual, so it might be better to have the dropdown display the details and have a “Go” button or something next to it that does what Isy has described above.