How to add / invite users to a calendar event

I have been going in circles trying to work out how to invite a guest to a calendar event. I have installed the standard Bubble Calendar plug in.

The Goal

On a users profile they have access to a calendar and have the ability to create an event that will eventually been synced with Google Calendars.

I would like the ability for a user to invite other users to that calendar event. This event is then populated on the “invited Guests” calendar.

The Problem

I can create a calendar event on a users profile, but I would like to option to “invite guest” to that calendar event before it has been created. Is this even possible?

When adding guests to the calendar event I am asking it to “make changes to calendar event” but this is impossible as the event hasn’t been created yet?

What I think I need help with

I believe the problem may lie with the way my database is setup?

Or do I need to create a event first and then invite guests afterwards?

Appreciate any feedback anyone has on this, or if they could point me in the direction of some material that may help. It would be very much appreciated.

Also I would like to show plenty of screenshots, but I have got into such a mess with it I am really not sure it will be of any help.


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