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Hi !

I do a site with Bubble, there are many users who each have a calendar with the event that the user add.
For display the calendar I use a condition “Created by = User Current”.
It’s possible that other users, with the status “friend”, see my calendar and add event ??
Like FB where the users can go on other wall to add something.
I don’t know how do this, somebody can help me ?

Sorry for my english, i can reply and explain more some points if you don’t understand.

Very possible! Where is the list of events saved for each user’s calendar? Is on the user like this:


  • first name
  • last name
  • List of events

Let’s say the friend is on another user’s profile page (page type=user) with the calendar, you could create a workflow that creates an event and adds it to “Current page user’s list of events”

And this workflow will run “only when” the current user is a friend of the current page user.

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Yeah, this depends on how your data things are built. Can you share the editor or some screenshots?