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How to add LINE ITEMS (like in a invoice)

What would be the best way to add line items.

For example making a invoice or purchase.

I need to enter 50 lines of Product SKU’s.

It would be nice to have a table format…

Any help would be appreciated.


Create a custom type for the line item Thing. When you add a new item, you’re creating a new Thing. The fields would contain all item info. Have an identifying field as well so each item is attached to a specific invoice. Either that and/or have a list field under your Invoice type for “list of items”

For the repeating group to display these items, the source would be “Invoice’s list of items” or “do a search for items, invoice = invoice Id”

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hi. thank you much for listening!

So you suggest a repeating group to show these child linked items? I,e, Sku, qty, description, color.

Can i add new lines to this repeating group from withing the group itself. Like a button “add new entry”
or must i add new lines using another form just above the repeating group?

Lastly, Are repeating group fields editable and updatable to the database?


Oh and can the thigs be autosaved? for example when i update a line item, do need to click a save button that will trigger a workflow…?