How to add linked Airtable Record via Bubble with Airtable API Plugin

Hi all!

How to add linked Airtable Record via Bubble with Airtable API Plugin?

The Scenario is this:
The purpose ist to create new Products with a quite simple Formula.
I created several Input fields (wich allready work) and a dropdown in Bubble. The Goal ist to Input these values as new Airtable Records. Therefore i installed the Airtable API Plugin wich is working fine.
In the dropdown i created, i can choose an Option from the Table ‘Vendor’, to add a Vendor to the product.
In my Table ‘Products’ there’s ia row wich links to the Table ‘Vendors’. Every Product ist linked to one Vendor.

  1. Is it possible to add a linked Record (wich can bei choosed from the dropdown) via Bubble to the Table ‘products’ in Airtable? And how to achieve this?

  2. How to Set up the right workflow to make this work?

  3. If my Table ‘Vendors’ in AT contains a row with Surname and a separate Row with Name, and a third row that puts those two values togheter with a Formula. How to pull this data correctly to show all it’s Records as Options in a dropdown? Somehow this wont show correctly when i try it.

Any help ist very appreciated!

  1. it’s working now!

  2. found out so far

  3. Really haven’t any idea how to achieve this… !? Still happy for support…

Find my question here

Update: all working now. Found out my self