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How to add motion effects to bubble app?


Has anyone been able to successfully add motion effects/animations/graphics to their website?

I’ve come across a few web developer portfolios that were really inspiring. One had an effect where wherever you moved the mouse cursor, a trail of light would follow. You can play around with the light and make cool little designs which would eventually disappear. But it was so cool.

I was wondering if anyone had done something similar to their bubble app, or if they’d have any ideas on how to do it. Like if its just a matter of installing plugins, could you point me to some APIs etc?

Thank you

This plugin has some cool effects Background Effects Plugin | Bubble

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Wow wow we wa! This is basically what I was talking about! Amazing! So cool.

I’ve got to figure out how they’ve built this.


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The plugin you suggested was a great addition. I just wanted to say thank you.

I also had a follow up question. How would I go about adding visual effects to texts? Like let’s say I wanted words to swirl around in a sort of 3D sphere? I tried looking through all of the plugins but couldnt find one that could do this. So I’m considering building an API for it, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for or where to look for it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I’m glad to hear the plugin was useful for you.

Yeah the only text effect plugin I am aware of is the typewriter effect plugin. More than that you will need to create your own effects I imagine with the CSS plugin.