How to apply condition in dorp down section

Is there any possibility to apply condition in drop down section for example if someone book a time slot (11:00 am) using by dropdown so another person couldn’t see the booked time (11:00am)

If you use dynamic data, yes it’s possible. But if you use static data, this will lead you to use a lot of conditionnal to achieve this.

ok if i use dynamic data so what would be type of choices - choices source

Type of choices will be the DB thing and Choice source probably a Do a search for this DB thing

could you please tell me the db thing i am sharing the screen shot of it.

how to configure DB thing ?


Become familiar with the concept of lists. How to add entries or subtract entries from a list. The dropdown would display a list of slots (open or booked … as you prefer) where you need to add/subtract slots to it.

Here a video on how lists work. Please focus on the add/subtract aspect of it and not on what it is being added/subtracted.

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