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How to attach data type to user

how would i attach, lets say booking data to two users

user 1 books user 2 service now how would i attach that booking info to each user

is it easier to put the booking data in the user type data or make a booking data that links to users

so my question is how do i link booking data type to user type

The answer depends on how you plan to use the data. Will you be accessing it mostly via the booker or the service provider (user 2)? Or are you mostly looking at bookings? Pick an option, keep designing and the answer will soon be near :smile:

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at the moment user 1 can book user 2 service but displaying it in user 2 backend isn’t woking for me,

I’ve set the booking data in user type data here some screenshot

if you could put me on the right track that would be awesome
Data base. adding the data

displaying the data


its duplicates

I think you might be better off have a booking thing, and linking the users to it.

As george says, think about what answers you want from the data rather than how to store it. You look more than you store, so make that easier.

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how do i link a user to another data type

Create a field of type User. So maybe booker and servicer or something like that.

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