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Linking data set with user

I need help with linking a data set with multiple entries to a user. In my case, I need the user to be able to see the different employees and the data associated with each on separately. Struggling to link the two data sets. Any help would be appreciated!

Data set:

  1. User: Generic user data (i.e. email address, first name, last name, business name, business type)

  2. Data Set 1: The user enters multiple data to make ONE entry. For example

Entry 1:
Employee ID
Employee Name
Employee Start Date
Employee Experience
Employee Profile Picture

I want multiple entries or in this case Employee’s to be associated with a User or “Business”

Just add a User field on the Data Set 1 datatype.

And/or add a list of Data Set 1s to the User datatype.

There are pros and cons of both approaches, depending on your use case, and there a plenty of forum posts discussing when one way is preferable to the other, as well as a pretty good explanation in the Bubble manual.

But those are the two options you have primarily.

You don’t even need to do that. If the user makes an Employee (for example) that Employee will have been Created By that user.

There are some smart things in Bubble.