How to avoid touch scroll on ipad / Safari

Hello all !

I have set mt screen to display full screen, with a page setup as Row, and a container as column, with the option “vertical strech”. This works well on computer, there’s no scroll. But on an ipad with safari, by scrolling with finger there’s white space appearing :

Any idea to how to avoid this ?

Thanks !

Can you check this on iPhone?

The problem is some CSS stopped working (like overflow -x -y) on +15v iOS so you have to use another css code

You can see my exp (stops overscroll, hide white space in iOS devices) : Bubble-solutions | Bubble Editor

hello @Eugene_West and big thx !

it works but some screens on this page that need to be scrolable are not anymore :confused:

The ones with content over the height

an idea to fix this? maybe I can have a condition kind like if page height > 100%vh ?? I need to get exp on thos notions

I can have a look at your editor and say how to fix this

Hey Eugene, thanks for helping. The way I found to solve this is to set the minimum page of height to 701 instead of 768. The difference is the browser’s url bar.

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