How to best grant access to an end user during development?

As I near the finish line on this particular app project we are developing, we would like to grant access to one or two of our end users to test a few things. Of course, we do not want them to be able to edit and make changes to any code, or see the back end database or anything else.

We haven’t rolled the app out yet on our domain if that makes any difference.

What’s the best way to let them have a look in it’s current form, log in to their account and use the app, but be shielded from seeing anything else. All prior to its deployment.

Any advice is appreciated.


I’m on the personal and have been curious about this as well. Please let us know what you find out.

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Hi there, @underhill.dan … you could give them a link to the preview of the development version, but their usage/testing would get interrupted literally every time you make any change, and that obviously wouldn’t be ideal. Any reason you don’t want to deploy the app and give them the link? It’s not like other users would randomly find that link, so you could still control who is using the app by only giving the link to certain folks or even making it so that only certain users can log in.

Anyway, just food for thought.


Personal Plan here as well, but may likely upgrade to the next level to make sure I’ve got enough speed and so forth.

I was able to launch, not long ago, then immediately, found a ton of things that escaped my eye. As you may know, at personal user level, anyway, bubble won’t let one launch with outstanding errors. Think it would be nice to be able to offer others a seat at the kitchen table. For those working on MVPs the tendency is to be criticized for sharing ones work - earlier.

Thinking lean… its a good thing.

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