Developer Access to Bubble App Back End

Is there a way to allow other users such as a developer to have access to my app to make updates/changes? Or, is the only way to give them my username and password? Thank you.


In a paid plan you can. Go to settings>collaboration. Enter the name email of the developer. The developer must have an account with Bubble with that same email. It is not a good idea to give your username and password out.

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Hi Rick, thank you for the reply. I’m super new to Bubble as you can tell and I’m not ready to jump to a Professional Plan quite yet to add multiple collaborators and my developer doesn’t have an agency account. I will get there, just not now. So what I did was, I created my new app under my account and added my developer as an “admin” so now he can build the app but I no longer have access to the builder whatsoever. Unfortunately now I have no way to check his progress or discuss the project.

My question now is, when he’s done building it, what are my options to get admin rights back? Is it pretty simple since I am the Account holder or is it more complex than that? Playing devil’s advocate here but if my Developer decides to hold me ransom for my app, that could be a big problem. Hopefully there are processes in place to solve this. Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated.

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