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How To Build A Dropbox Clone With No Code - Bubble

With more content and files being created than ever, cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive have become essential products to both users and businesses.

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Wonderful instruction, and works great but I do have a couple questions.

In the adding of files, there’s also the adding of a File-content entry, but in the deleting of files, there’s nothing about cleaning up the File-content table. Was there a reason for leaving that data behind?

I’ve been working with this setup and found that the File-content table keeps growing but I also can’t determine the benefit of having it. I found it difficult to delete because identifying it means you need to search for it and there was no easy way to do that. I ended up using the workflow action “Set a thing’s slug” for the File entry to match the unique ID of the File-content entry during the file adding workflow. This gave me something to key off of in the “Search for” field of the “Delete a thing” but I felt it was a bit of a workaround rather than good practice.

I noticed that every time a clone build gets released, people always have similar issues with the build…but the bubble team never respond to the questions :frowning:

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Apparently this is true…

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