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How To Build A Spotify Clone With No Code - Bubble

Love streaming your favorite music? Now it’s easier than ever to share this passion with the rest of the world by building your own music streaming app.

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You know… this instructs a user to create a “Playlist Content” Data Type, but, doesn’t mention anything into how to use it, or implement it into the process in any way.

Thus, the “playlist” creation here is somewhat useless as it doesn’t work, per how it’s explained. Unless you choose to rack your brain (if you’ are a noob) into how actually to create a working playlist with your content…or should I say with your playlist content.


hi vivienne / other bubblers.

I’ve followed the spotify clone tutorial, but I don’t understand why there is a need for the 2 data types: “Song Content” = Song File and “Song” Which has artist/song title info.

In the workflow for “When Button upload is pressed”

  1. Create new Song Content:
    Song content = Fileuploader A’s value

  2. Create new Song:
    Song Content= Results of step 1
    Artist, Song title, cover photo inputs go here too.

" Bubble’s pre-built database makes it easy to create different data types with unique fields. When creating a database, we recommend splitting large items into separate data types to enhance the speed of your application.

For example, we’ll create two separate data types for our songs. One data type will include the basic details of our song (including the name, artist, and cover photo), while the other data type will include the song file itself.

By creating these as separate data fields, it allows us to only load the necessary information when it’s needed, reducing how much content the Bubble editor will need to render."

How does this approach differ to the Udemy tutorial? Where each module actually contains the module file too.

I am building an app that holds breathwork courses, and within a course there are breathwork sessions which are audio files up to an hour long.

Can i use the Udemy approach without slowing down the app?

I just finished the Udemy tut and found that the - Purchased Course “relationship” in the Users table and the -Course - CourseModule “relationship” do not “work” as I expected or as I think the tutorial explained it. Let me know if you find the same behavior.