How To Build A News Aggregator App With No Code - Bubble

It’s never been easier to stay connected with world events through dedicated news aggregator apps. With products like Digg and Apple News, the latest headlines are easily accessible across any mobile device.

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Can Video tutorials be made for the HOW TO’s. It will help a great deal. I see my idea becoming a reality through bubble. But need help through video tutorials.

Hello Vivienne,
Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

Hey @isongsandy324!

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Bubble has been doing an amazing job on building video tutorials, not sure who’s behind the voice, but they are doing a great job! Check out the video tutorials on the academy page (Academy | Bubble).

If you’re just getting started with Bubble, I would suggest rolling with the Crash Course 101 introduction video (…

then progress onto Crash Course 102 which talks about the Fundamentals (,

then… Crash Course 103 which is where you can learn about building your first app (!

Hope this helps!