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How To Build A Stocks App Without Code - Bubble

Whether you’re doing some first-time market research, or you’re a full-time day trader, mobile apps like Apple Stocks have made it easier than ever to make well-informed decisions based on real-time finance data.

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There’s a mistake in instructions. In Configuring your database, first step is to create Data type: User with a field Stocks | List of stocks. Problem - you cant create that field if you dont have Stock data type created before.

Same with Data type: Stock - you cant create it as in instructions if you dant have Data type: Stock price

So i think think the order of instructions should be:
-Configuring your database
–Data type: Stock price
–Data type: Stock
–Data type: User

I know its a little thing but hard to realize when you’re learning to use bubble.


I am sorry I have followed this through over three times now and it just doesn’t work. suggest a thorough review of the steps if a user is to make any sense in learning this guide.

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Is this stock app for personal use only? Or can I have people trade on it for a fee?

I don’t understand if this is about codes or about the benefits of using and working with stocks? To be honest, I’ve always used and apple stocks, but lately I don’t really like how the same codes are created, I don’t know who writes them. Perhaps there is some truth in the author’s message, but this is a reference to programmers and ignoramuses who want to be able but do not want to study. The very definition of development without code sounds too good to be true. Gartner predicts that no-code app development will make up 65% of the app development industry in 2024. Their forecast is a realistic estimate.

How are no-coders not studying and gaining an understanding of engineering practices (database structure, SPAs, PWAs, intertwining your database with your front end)?

To get this stuff to work in Bubble or any no-code platform takes effort through learning (reading, watching tutorials/courses, joining bootcamps) and practice.
I am a front end developer and I have no experience with front end frameworks or even a proper grasp of the more complex aspects of Javascript. I use the basics for simple interactions on the front end. But I’ve never enjoyed learning it.

Bubble has allowed me to pick up the basics of the engineering practices I mentioned above and now I understand how to structure my database, how the front end interactions from a user could not just affect the specific piece of data they’re amending but also have knock on effects on other linked relational tables and ensuring when I’m testing that my workflow actions tie all of those pieces up to ensure a correctly working app and a clean & up to date database.

I’m hugely passionate about HTML & CSS and I think that’s why I’ve never enjoyed learning more complex JS which has meant I haven’t moved on to the obvious frameworks.
With no-code and in my instance, Bubble in particular, I no longer feel the burden of learning those complex languages and frameworks to build my ideas.

There are plenty of profitable examples of no-code tools out there. Profitable doesn’t have to mean billions, millions, thousands or even hundreds in revenue and it also doesn’t correlate with success.
Success is having enough profits or backing to ensure the business and app are running and serving customers/users as they expect to be served.

Hello there!
Thanks for this tutorial and for your time to build it.
I’m a beginner, i followed all basic tutorials but this one is very unclear…Instructions and/or picture are not in the good order, not well detailled.
Very hard .
Maybe i’ll come back later.