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Tools like Quickbooks have made it possible for business owners to quickly prepare and send invoices to customers.  Although you can purchase this off-the-shelf solution, it’s also possible to quickly build your own alternative using no-code tools like Bubble.

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Love y’all for doing these series! Definitely attracts attention to how powerful Bubble truly is!

In Quickbooks invoice I can add as many as product/service line needed but in this clone there is only one product line I know this is just for an example. Also I know I can add more product line like copying the group line and make it hidden & let the user click on a button to show another line but it has a limitations, because I can only make a certain amount of line. On the other hand quickbooks or Zipbooks allows users to add as many as line they need to add. I am wondering if you have any solution to do this dynamically that would be a great help indeed. !!

I tried using repeating group but kind of lost in a jungle !

Thanks in advance !

There is a solution. Use list shifter and the toolbox plugin count workflow to add as many lines as needed dynamically.

I can set an example up if you are stuck with this, but only after you have tried it. :slight_smile:


Got those plugins installed trying to figure it out. Coming back to you if I get stuck! thank you for the reference.

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I tried the following

#Made a product line with a repeating group where the type of content is number and the data source is List of numbers.

Made a custom state of that repeating group which is number but not list.

Placed a plus icon inside the repeating group to trigger workflow of RGg custom states + 1 image

Which is successfully adding another raw. But now the same way I cant remove the product line.


I tried using list shifter but still couldn’t figure out a workflow to successfully remove the same raw where I am clicking!

I want to remove the same raw user clicking the red minus button.

Really appreciate your time commenting here. Thanks again!

Do you want to delete a single row or all of the items? You can use Bubble’s default workflow action. Delete current cell or parent group’s data. Make sure your groups inside the repeating are referenced as a data type for that action to work!

You can also look at Bubble’s documentation on :plus item :minus item

when the RG’s type is Number the plus item and minus item doesn’t appear. It appears when I make the RG’s Custom states numbers a list. But when I make it list the RG doesn’t appear in the loading page. This is an invoice so all these things are happening before it is saved to the database. So it is not related to the database delations. Any thoughts?


I am following this tutorial to understand how bubble works, but I am facing an error. When I am adding a workflow for the “Generate Invoice” button, it is showing that customer = dropdown choose customer is not valid. What should I do?

Please see the screen shot:

Also here is the drop-down:

If you loaded customers from the database into that dropdown you have to change the database field type to customers of the invoice customer field.

@nocodeventure do you offer video training sessions? for example, I am looking to understand how to build a quickbook clone on Bubble via video sessions

Hi there,

At the moment I don’t, if you know how to create a to-do application with internal connections to an Organization and multiple teams, you will be able to create nearly anything :slight_smile:

You can also reach out to @J805 for one-on-one tutoring.

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Hey there!

This has been super helpful. I do have one question, though. In this post, we learned how to collect payments from other people, but it didn’t say if the user could withdraw the money as well. Would it be possible to do that? For example, could I use Bubble to create an invoicing SaaS product that anyone could use to issue invoices and collect funds?


Hello, I appreciate the tutorial, I am having difficulty in building my database, if I want to add several products in the same invoice and be able to modify them afterwards, do I have to create a table for the invoices and a table for the order products


  • Customer
  • InvoiceId
  • TotalPrice
  • InvoicedDate
  • DueDate
  • PaidStatus
  • PaidDate



  • ProductName
  • Quantity
  • Price