How To Build A Trello Clone Without Code - Bubble

Project management tools are essential products that can help you stay on top of any no-code build. Tools like Trello, Monday, and Asana have become ubiquitous as they help coordinate our busy lives.

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I found this tutorial very confusing. Maybe I’m a bit slow as I am new to Bubble but I managed to complete the Ticketmaster tutorial no problem. This Trello project should be marked as Advanced in my opinion. There are a lot of assumptions to be made. I found a lot of confusion with lists and tasks (I think tasks are also called cards elsewhere) and I couldn’t find where a list was written to the database, it seems to be updated to the current page but not the db. Also I found moving cards between lists very complicated, repeating groups within repeating groups? I just couldn’t follow the dragging element/area instructions at all. Sorry to be so negative, perhaps I am not far enough down the list of tutorials to be trying this one yet, otherwise I really enjoy the bubble academy and tutorials. Thanks, Marty

What would be helpful, especially for super visual people like myself is to see a screenshot of the final product at the end of these tutorials. Please start adding screenshots, or images of the final outcome.

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I love these tutorials !!!
Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing what else bubble can create. I’m using these tutorials as a newbie to get better, create some amazing apps and to be able to help the community someday.
Thank you for your hard work its greatly appreciated!

I also find it a bit challenging! it would be very helpful to show the elements tree specially for the draggable part… took me a while to position the drag/drop within the RepeatingGroup Task. A lot of try and error. Here is what it looks like with the draggable logic

Another thing I struggle with, when creating the “DropArea List has a group dropped on it” event, make sure to select “Type of thing” as Task before creating the action… took me ages to figure that out :sweat_smile:

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I just finished this tutorial and I agree with previous comments that it is a bit confusing at times. Generally a good tutorial shows before and after images, with process steps in between the two as needed. A lot of the steps in this are done blind, with us having no real idea what it’s supposed to look like when done successfully. Regardless, I managed to use this to make a functioning task board that’s getting close to being similar to Trello, but stripped down to the essentials that I need and with named elements relevant to the app’s purpose. Thank you very much for this tutorial!


Question ( since you didn’t provide a final product screenshot ) . When this app is completed, do you have multiple columns like a kanban board, such as:
“Started Not-started In-progress Completed”.
And you can move cards between each column depending on where the user is at, in their progress ?

@steveb428 Yeah, it results in a board with columns and a task/note card is added to a column. You can then drag drop the task into a different column. When you click a task, it opens a pop up showing the details you learn to configure as well as an edit button. Here’s what mine looks like right now. Note that while it does let you drag drop across columns, it doesn’t go into detail how to drop cards into different rows within the same column.

Thanks for the reply Funny, but Not sure if I’m going to continue on this since I just signed up for trello itself and find it amazing… but then again, I’m sure I’ll have other needs for bubble in the future, that I won’t want to spend time on using javascript and node to build.

The tutorial here is definitely far from a real Trello clone, but I am aiming to combine a couple of tools I use and I wanted a stripped down version of Trello, which has a bunch of tools and features I’ll never use. So far, Bubble has been really cool to use. :smiley: