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How To Build A Trello Clone Without Code - Bubble

Project management tools are essential products that can help you stay on top of any no-code build. Tools like Trello, Monday, and Asana have become ubiquitous as they help coordinate our busy lives.

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I found this tutorial very confusing. Maybe I’m a bit slow as I am new to Bubble but I managed to complete the Ticketmaster tutorial no problem. This Trello project should be marked as Advanced in my opinion. There are a lot of assumptions to be made. I found a lot of confusion with lists and tasks (I think tasks are also called cards elsewhere) and I couldn’t find where a list was written to the database, it seems to be updated to the current page but not the db. Also I found moving cards between lists very complicated, repeating groups within repeating groups? I just couldn’t follow the dragging element/area instructions at all. Sorry to be so negative, perhaps I am not far enough down the list of tutorials to be trying this one yet, otherwise I really enjoy the bubble academy and tutorials. Thanks, Marty

What would be helpful, especially for super visual people like myself is to see a screenshot of the final product at the end of these tutorials. Please start adding screenshots, or images of the final outcome.

I love these tutorials !!!
Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing what else bubble can create. I’m using these tutorials as a newbie to get better, create some amazing apps and to be able to help the community someday.
Thank you for your hard work its greatly appreciated!

I also find it a bit challenging! it would be very helpful to show the elements tree specially for the draggable part… took me a while to position the drag/drop within the RepeatingGroup Task. A lot of try and error. Here is what it looks like with the draggable logic

Another thing I struggle with, when creating the “DropArea List has a group dropped on it” event, make sure to select “Type of thing” as Task before creating the action… took me ages to figure that out :sweat_smile: