How to build a very simple app like Tinder


I have an idea which I think would be funny and simple.

Take the Tinder platform or interface… but you do not see a picture to swipe. Instead, a user uploads their best pickup line, oneliner, or even a joke. If you like what the person based on their line or joke then you can match.

Once you match you can then see a picture and chat with them.

Would anyone on Bubble be able to help me do this? I had this idea because I love testing out my very very pathetic jokes on Tinder and somehow it works!

I also have many other ideas I would be interested in discussing.

Are you looking to hire a developer, find a partner, find a coach, or something else?

For this idea, since I know it should be simple and just a funny idea, I would like to learn how to do it by myself.

For a few of my other ideas, I would be looking to hire a developer.

While looking for contents to learn Bubble, I came across a video titled "How to create a Tinder clone using bubble", this might be of help to you.

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