How to build admin panel of my application

Hi, I m building a social network using bubble but one thing I m not able to understand that how can I build admin panel of my website so that I can change from there.and how to connect with my website.

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Admin Panels are easy to create, for example, if you want a list of all the user’s in your database, I’d recommend starting off with making a regular “group”, then adding a “repeating group” to that “group”, set the repeating group’s “Content” to “User”, then go to “Data” and do a search for “Users”. Now, what if you wanted to have access to deleting a particular user, well, you create the object you want to use as a “delete” button, and start a workflow stating that you want to delete the “Current Cell’s User”.

I really hope this made sense, if not I am sorry.

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Thanks Gregory for this It is sort some of my problem but i’ll find the rest of the solution.

But how I open the panel with seperate sub domain like
or you have saw like that seperate sub domain for that

Oh, you want a sub application, in order to do that you need to purchase one higher plans, forget which one.

Yes ,as I m building a social network so it needs sub appliction with the admin pannel from where I can control all of it stuff

You don’t NEED a subdomain to do that. All you need to do is build a page, and make sure it’s only accessible by administrators in your system.

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Hi: and How would make a page only accessible to admins?

you can create a button and you can make it visible (optional) only to a specific user email and then you set up a workflow to navigate to the admin page only when the current user’s email is… or name but email is the safest

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Hi, I have created a separate page to be my admin panel, but IDK how to set up a password to only people with the password can see this page, I mean, currently, it is possible to access the admin panel by only typing “adminpage” right after the main domain… Is there a way to block unauthorized users?

thanks bro

This is core Bubble functionality and you create an “admin only” type page the same way you would, for example, bounce a user somewhere else if they aren’t logged in.

For a good discussion of various approaches, see this thread:


This is awesome mate! Thanks a lot!!!

How would i get a search bar to find a user but send the data to a repeating group showing a list of found results?