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My friend tried to make an admin panel

My friend attempted to make a user management panel within bubble, but it kind of failed and never worked and or didn’t show all the users on his website. It just showed his account and or the account he was logged into.

It also didn’t show any other account he newly made and never showed anything else but himself, he is getting quite annoyed about banning himself again to test his features and wants to ban other accounts and not himself.

If anyone can help with this please respond and I’ll redirect it straight to my friend.

Can you friend provide screenshots of what they did?

I’ll get him to send some screenshots of his admin panel…

Here is his current progress.

He is quite new to bubble and doesn’t understand the properties and I haven’t been able to teach him much.

You need a data source in your group.

Try the privacy settings in the data tab. And make sure to select the data you want everyone to be able to view.

This should help.

He doesn’t know how to make the data source in the group he is quite a new person.

Is “Group User” inside of the repeating group? If so then the repeating data is correct. But “Groups User” data source should be “current cells user”.

I’ve sent this to my friend.

He doesn’t have the “Current Cells user”, how does he create the Current cells user?

This should help, its kinda hard to tell what stage you are at. If this problem continues. I would resort to my first comment about about the privacy settings.

We’re at the stage where it doesn’t show any users except him, we don’t know how to make the Current Cells user thing, when we try and change the data source it just appears with current user and never appears with current cells user.

We’ve tried both parent and current user doesn’t work.

We’ve tried a bunch of things like trying to make it onto a new app and trying to add those things but none of them work.

This is what we want it to look like (this is mine)

His doesn’t show any one of the users on mine but only the account he is on

This is my repeating group. As you can see I am searching for the post.

This is the first group inside one of the cells. (only applies if you have a group inside a cell.)

As you can see this is the option it gives me for the group inside the cell.

Now after that, any text inside that group will have “parents group users” then the option you want to display.

After all of this, any only one user is still displaying it has something to do with the privacy settings.
You need to make sure that you adjust them. Users’ data is private by default. so disabling that or adjusting what can be viewed by users is important.

This should work. If so it might be something contacting bubble about. This is the correct way to display User data in a repeating group.

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Hey, david.

Your a absolute savior, your privacy settings did work and it works.

Thanks for all your help and support throughout this situation for what I never understood what was happening some of my friends didn’t even know either so thanks for helping and trying to understand my problem. This problem is not resolved yet as my friend had to go but we’ll test it once he is back.

Thanks for all your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

This problem has been resolved, and this post can be closed.

Thanks david and the other person I forgot your name.

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