How To Build An Instagram Clone Without Code - Bubble

If a picture says a thousand words, then a workflow is the canvas it’s painted on.

Building a mobile app like Instagram would traditionally require the expertise of a seasoned software engineer or team. As the no-code landscape has continually evolved, however, it’s easier than ever for makers across the world to build their own powerful software.

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Hi @vivienne, have you thought of strapping a live demo example after each clone, I think new users would find it very beneficial. I know time is limited but that would be the cherry on the cake.

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agree. Here is a video on youtube on how to build a instagram clone in react + google firebase which took 3 hrs. It will be great to see if we can build the same in bubble in less than 3 hrs :grinning:

Can’t see the video mate…? was this native firebase or did you have to add extra functionality etc… not a fan on their extension set.

Sorry here you go mate:

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Hi! Anybody that can help me creating the workflow for the “follow other users” system when the followed account is private. I mean, creating and displaying the request, accepting the request and that sort of things.

Also the workflow for sending a direct message request to a private user.

Thanks in advance!

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Showing current cells post creator’s name is not working properly. Current user can’t see the post creators name. Anyone please help me out.

Hi there @bharathnivas2974,

Check your privacy rules

Thank you

how exactly ?

Under the privacy setting of your app.