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App like instgram

So excited to be a part of this forum. i have tried search different platform that helps build application like Facebook, without code, because I have a Super idea of a photo sharing site.but what I always get has something to do with typing code which am not really sure I can go on with, but not until I found this amazing opportunity, a platform called Bubble. Now my idea is going to come out reality not just only an imagination. Thanks so much Bubble.

Hi @akhuetieehis6 welcome to the community!

Best of luck learning and on your journey making your great idea a reality :+1:t2:

Need help on this, please. I will be very grateful If you can help solve it out.

Hello Sir, I am creating an instagram type clone, I want to set up a function where users can click on an icon at the right-hand side on my App Dashboard, once they click it, It will show as a popup, whereas they will be able to record on any videos I uploaded . After finishing recording on the video which i uploaded whoich show as popup, they willl be able to add effects on it and post to their feeds for other users to see.
I want a tutorial for this and am going to pay .


I have some example designs to show for it.


Here you can read about how to start with an Instagram clone:

Hi @akhuetieehis6

I think this bubble article can help you in your quest


Thank you very much for your assistance. Astutely, I have already observe that I can make App-like Instagram with Bubble , as a matter of fact, I bought some great courses to help get it done in few days.

Here you can consider a Bubble template for an app like Instagram