How To Build Any App For $10K + Productising No-Code Development (Business of Bubble)

Bubble apps can’t be HIPAA compliant full stop so if you’ve promised anyone that then you might need to walk that back :grimacing:

Because the example was generic :slight_smile: This was pretty much project scope for a site I did for a P2P chef marketplace - they were testing if customers wanted to buy from local personal chefs and it allowed them to do exactly that!

The client still contributes to the scope. We just meet with them and help put their words into writing. It’s not like we hear the client’s ideas and twist it into something vaguely similar that can be done for $10K. The client’s involved as much as they want to be, but if they can tell us their vision, we can get a pretty solid draft scope for their review which tends to only need a couple of changes!