I'm Freelancing Again! Lets Make It Happen

Hi all,

I recently stopped freelancing as my AI Startup (built on Bubble) is soon going on AppSumo.

I now have a fantastic team and have recently left my full time job at Intel Corporation to freelance full time on Bubble. I have built many apps on Bubble including

I am now offering freelance services to bring your idea to life on Bubble, or help you with an existing project. I specialise in UX design, business logic, web design and MVP development and have worked with some top companies.

A few testimonials/feedback pieces I have had on my Bubble work (sorry to blow my own trumpet):

“Phenomenal work. Really well done!”

“Very good design. Very clean, very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

“I took a look at your web app and it’s pretty amazing what you have been able to do on Bubble.”

“Excellent work, some of the best I’ve seen on Bubble”

“Your app looks stunning”

Happy to help full stack on your frontend website and Bubble app, I specialise in Webflow, Bubble, and of course any other standard website builder, plus I can code in frontend web dev.

Happy to help anyone looking for experienced hands.
Message me here or on my personal freelance website https://www.reecelyons.design

Contact me NOW!! to get started :slight_smile:

Take care,


What does this have to do with the fact that @help is freelancing?

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I’m starting to think they are bots. There are couple of profiles that always respond on freelancer with the same message.


Just to add my personal recommendation for Reece.

He really knows Bubble well, and has great design skills.

That is one of the reasons I wanted to join him on Sendpilot :slight_smile:


Thanks Nigel!

hi can you help me make changes to my uber clone template i want to change it to requesting a on demand barber rather than a car and i want users be connected to barbers nearby and barbers to use the app to get clients and paid. i have stripe and google apis already in with the template just need someone to change the settings driver to barber and user looking for barbers not a ride. let me know if you want to help customize this project and give me a quote thank you



Absolutely! Let’s take this to direct message and we can jump on a call!


Hello, please hit me up at [email protected] to discuss helping me finish my app. Thank you.

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Apologies for the late reply - I have been moving house and had no wifi.

Are you free today or tomorrow for 5 mins?


What is your rate?

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I have sent you a PM :slight_smile:


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Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Hello Reece,
I need some freelancing help. Can we connect and talk?

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Hi, yes I have sent you a PM

Hi I need help with doing my grocery shopping webapp, I think you would be the man for the job to build the app how I need it to look

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Great! Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Hi Reece,

I might have some interesting work for you - please pm me

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Send you a PM

I am using the AirBNB template and need to add “4 - 6 hour available time slots” to owners options page and customer page. Can you give me a quote for doing this?

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