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How to Build Efficient Database (Tournament Brackets)

I have been at this for a while now and still can’t seem to get my head wrapped around the best way to build the database for my site.

I am building a tournament bracket site.

An example:
64 Team bracket Double elimination = 127 games
Each game can have 15 plus fields of data = 1905+ total fields in Data Table


  1. View Tournament
  2. Run/Edit tournament in progress
  3. Search/display for data by (Player/tournament)

I’m a little numb thinking I need to create almost 2000 fields of data and then correctly place them on a page where I view and run tournaments. Not to mention pull that data out to search and display like #3 above

Any guidance or source I can read about this type of structure.

These type of site exist to run tournaments, so I know it is possible. I just need help figuring out the most efficient way to build the Database so I don’t go creating 2000 plus Fields and then find out there is a better way. :slight_smile:

Possible Fields for 1 Game
Player 1 (user)
Player 2 (user)
Player 1 Race (#)
Player 2 Race (#)
Player 1 Score (#)
Player 2 Score (#)
Game 1 Winner (User)
Game 1 Loser (User)
Game 1 Lag Winner
Game 1 Start time
Game 1 End time
Game 1 Table #
Game 1 Scheduled Time

Wondering if there is a way to use the New Options Sets to make more efficient


Check out this post I put up a couple of days ago

There are other posts on the forum about database as well.

Mostly you need to understand databases as a general concept of the way data can be stored and related so that you can understand how you need to retrieve it for display and manipulation. Then you can plan how your database should be set up.

Boosting this post to see if anyone has a solution or idea to completing this. I haven’t been able to figure this out.