How can i create dynamic brackets for tournaments

hey there everyone

i’m new to bubble and i’m trying to create a little tournament platform for me and my friends to keep things in check when we do some gaming nights (and since summer is coming there gonna be a lot of them )and i cant quite get how to make a dynamic bracket a little bit like those we can find in challonge or toornaments , i dont need to do something very complicated it just need to be functional , i can handle everything around the bracket like winner / date / score etc but the system needed to create and display the brackets and i dont see how i can do that ,thats why i’m here asking for your guidance on how i can get this done , even just a clue would really help a lot !

thanks in advance to all those who ll take the time to read and answer my post

Trying to figure out this myself for a project i’m working on. Hopefully this will boost this up so maybe we can get an answer

Guys, what do you mean by “dynamic brackets”??? I wish to help, but didn’t understand the challenge :sweat_smile:

For me i am trying to build a tournament bracket that i can have multiple teams, double elimination, and when i say a team has one it moves them forward the next game of the bracket. I’m not sure how to setup the data types for something like this, or even display this information on the page. Also it needs to be something i can create multiple of like multiple brackets for future events.

This is what i want it to look like.

@1david2hot I think you can start using @Thimo ‘s plugin! It is built as a organization chart, but I assume it is perfect for you.


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