How to bulk download all files in the file manager?

Hi all,

I need to save all files that users uploaded There is no button to group a download in the file manager (only upload and delete).
I my case I have 450 files, don’t want to do it by manually by clicking on each link.
How can I do that?

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Has anybody worked out how to do this one yet? Would be greatly appreciated.


got the same problem… anyone?

Use the zip file creator plug-in and make the list the list of files you need from DB.

If they aren’t in DB and you need from file manager there is a chrome extension that can help

Hey @chris.williamson1996 thanks for your quick answer. That could be a solution but unfortunately I have around 9.5k files to download which is definitely too much for this method

You break it into pages if using chrome extension or if using zip method batches of 500 I’ve done it with over 100k files multiple times using zip method

@arthuro This is another case that reminds me that vanilla Bubble file management is miserable :joy:


Are all your files tied to some file field in your database, so you can reference it in your app? Like they aren’t orphaned files?

I was thinking of something like this: Create Archives API | CloudConvert
You would use the API connector and do the Create Archive task, and input would be a huge list of import/url tasks, then a single output/url task or direct to S3 storage. (or do this in batches somehow)

+1 for this feature which is desperately needed. Since Bubble’s backup system only applies to the Bubble database and not the files uploaded to the S3 bucket, each month I manually download any new files that were uploaded to my app via the file manager so I can save a local copy which is then backed up. It is a painful manual process that involves right-clicking each file and selecting “Save Link As…”

At the moment it is manageable because I usually only get ~50 new files a month but some months there are hundreds of files. For bigger apps it would be completely unfeasible.

@Kent If your method becomes unwieldy you could use your own S3 storage (using something like Wasabi S3 plugin or AWS S3 plugin to upload files). Seems some people on Reddit have some ideas to sync S3 with local storage. (side note, do ppl actually sync cloud storage with local?)

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m assuming using a third-party S3 storage solution would cause me to lose all the built in Bubble privacy rules related to files/documents so that would probably be a non-starter for me. Everything is working well with my current set up (especially with new pricing that is much more fair when adding more Bubble storage), so hopefully Bubble can just enhance the File Manager to remove this specific pain point.

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Technically you would still be storing either a File (new datatype w/ fields for name, url, etc) or at least a text URL on some Thing, and you can still have privacy rules on who sees that field. But yea its gonna require more setup.

Hey! For the benefit of anybody (like myself!) that was struggling here, I found & installed this plugin which lets you download a list of files as a zip file. Simply brilliant!!

Hopefully it helps somebody.


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