Can you download different files from into a single zip using just url?

Hi, question, how can I download all files/database attached to a single thing and put them in a single zip file?

I want to download all datas into a csv file and all files/photos associated into that thing with a single zip file. Is that doable?

Hey @shu.teopengco,

I don’t believe there is currently a function to download all the files off your app’s file database; however, you can export all your data in a CSV.

Note: In order to export your data in a CSV, you will need to be on a paid plan.

@eve Can you confirm that there is currently no way to export files out of the file database?

Hope this helps!

Hello, and thanks for the tag! It is not currently possible to export all files the same way as the data.

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Thanks for the clarification, Eve.

Maybe I understand your case differently but theres some option to do that. Can you explain more your usecase

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Thanks for the replies guys.

My use case is this, if my user/subscriber opted out or chose to unsubscribe from my app, I want to be able to send them all their data including files/photos before I delete their account to my app.

One way I’m trying to look is to get “JS Zip File” plugin. Not sure though if it will work for multiple “files/photos” using url, and export data as csv.

My plugin work to zip file from url. This is not a problem. You just need to provide a list of url.
For the CSV, it’s more complicated. Maybe you can have a look at Integromat. You can build a CSV file and create a zip. My Idea would be: Use Bubble API to Get data that you need to create CSV and create csv. Then Get the files (Integromat have something for that too) Zip everything using Archive action and send the file back in Bubble to make it available to user to download.


I will try that soon when I need to. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: I hope Bubble improves our file manager and have some more options. :smiley:

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Hi @Jici,

What’s the name of your plug-in you reference here?


This one:

There’s also a server side version created by someone else called JsZip I think
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Hi. Thanks. That looks like what I need. What’s this mean?

Save zip file to Bubble storage (limit to Bubble 50mo)


Before, Bubble was limited to 50mb. So if you select to save the file to Bubble (this is an option you can use) the file cannot exceed 50mb. I’m not sure if I add the option for large file. Let me know if you need it and I can have a look.

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Is there a server side (backend workflow) version available?