How To Center This Repeating Group Horizontally?

I have a repeating group that’s 1 row with 8 columns:

The user can select any number of those 8 items, such as like this:

From then on, they’ll only see the items they selected. My question is, how can I get those items centered horizontally on the page rather than left-aligned as they are now:

Thank you!

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Bump. To summarize: Is it possible to center a horizontal repeating group in the middle of the page (i.e. unlike my last image above) when I don’t know how many columns there will be ahead of time? Or do I need to add each one of these elements individually without using a repeating group and try to make it work that way?

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I was trying to do something similar and this may help I haven’t tried to centre but if you could dynamically display the number of cells as in the example below you may able to better center it.

Horizontal RG are a bit tricky though.

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