Keep repeating group central

Hi so I have a repeating group with 1 row and 5 columns, I want it to always show as 1 row but sometimes there are less than 5 items and so it might be that it will show 3 items across 1 row. However, when there is less than 5 items showing the repeating group is not centrally aligned on the page, instead it off to the left. How do I do this?

Hello @jamesh95

This video may help spark some ideas:

Hey @jamesh95,

Did you ever work out a solution to this? I’m having the same issue when dropping down to mobile size - the repeating group hugs the left rather than staying centred.


Ye I never figured this out and had to use layered repeating groups and showing the one which matched the count I had set. Did you?

Yep, I got there in the end.

You can see the solution here: Centering repeating group elements - #6 by Christophe_HK