How to chage the sound when a button is pressed

Hi, I need help how do I make a sound play when a button is pressed in my application, please help me.

What sort of sound? Is it saved in the DB? You may need to download an audio plugin.

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What is the sound plugin

You can use Howler

i mean i don’t think is that bc the button makes a sound already but i want to change the sound but idk how to

can you help me on how to chage the sound the it makes when i press a button


  1. Upload the tone to your Bubble database using File Uploader
  2. Install Toolkit plugin (free)
  3. Copy the notification tone’s S3 file link from your database.
  4. Go to workflow of the button. Create a new action - Run javascript
  5. Copy paste this code
    let audio = new Audio(src);;

For example

let src = ‘//’;
let audio = new Audio(src);;

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and how do i get my sound to that format to S3 @sharma.himanshu0608

Create a new data type for temporary basis and use file uploader to save the mp3 file to your database. Once it is uploaded, copy the s3 link

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ok i’ll try it

thanks it worked

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