Push button that displays alert and plays audio file


I am new to building apps here but I have a template that my role playing group is using for a dispatching system. I am looking to add a button that when it is pressed, it plays a tone across all the users screens and displays a message. There are already 2 buttons like this in our system but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to add a 3rd and cannot figure out how to change the audio on the current 2. I see the audio file in the workflow but I cannot upload anything into it that actually helps. If anyone is available to jump on discord or team speak and walk me through this I would greatly appreciate it as it has me stuck!!! Thanks!

if you want people to help you out quickly, its best to share your editor. However, it seems you already have the examples in front of you so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out…

Did you go through the Bubble lessons to get a basic understanding of how the editor works?

Yes, I have gone through all the tutorials. I have even tried just copying the button with the entire workflow and renaming it with no luck. I’m kind of frustrated that I can’t figure it out. I am sure its something I am just not seeing that is pretty easy to do.

Best is to share the editor or at least post some screenshots if you want help quickly.

I wouldn’t mind doing that but I am not entirely sure how to share it without people being able to copy it? My friend sells this to role play groups and I don’t want to give it out for free if that makes sense.

then maybe start with sharing some screenshots you feel comfortable with.

I cant find a way to change the tone located in the box, Everything I put in there does not play like the one that is currently there.

do you have a database type of ‘file’ maybe? You need to replace the link in that javascript element with a new link that has your audio file.

You can upload a new audio file in an existing database in your app or a new database. When you click ‘view’ after uploading you get the url of the file.

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