How to change API authentication per user when connecting from Bubble to 3rd party


I have a question to see if this would work before I go too far down the rabbit hole with my app. I am building an invoicing app and I would like for my users to be able to query 3rd party services via API. However, each user would have to provide their own authentication keys to be able to query their own services

I have successfully configured an API in the plugin settings, but it’s got my credentials in it. Is it possible to define the credentials on a per user setting? I.e. the authentication key is stored in the database for that user


Hi @andreas2 :wave:

Yes, it is possible!

Where the token goes? Header, URL, Body, as a parameter?
Can you share an image of your API Connector?

Thanks. This particular connector uses HTTP Basic authentication, so username and password. Each GET url would also be unique. I would like to save those 3 values in the database (encrypted). There would be a daily workflow set up to run the GET request and then update appropriate fields.

OK, I think I figured it out. I unchecked the private check and changed the authenticate to self handled. Now I can add the authentication during run time!!

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