How to change App Name?

I already change all the spots of the old names to the new names except for the confirmation email.

Bubble keeps sending confirmation emails with this sign up confirmation email
Also how can I change the body of the email.

Right now it’s this:

Thank you for signing up! Please click below to confirm your email.

The team
click here to confirm your email address"

Do you guys know how to change it? my app is already deployed and everything works fine expect for that

Thank you

Manage the Confirm Email message using the corresponding app text settings.


Thank you very much! This helps a lot/ Do you know how to change the sender name? rightnow the sender name is my apps name [test121232-copy]

See Email Settings. To enable most–perhaps all–of those settings you must first configure your own domain via the settings in the same tab. That may require a different plan that you currently have for your app.

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Thank you very much. That worked!

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