How to change autobinding fields to modify on date picker?

I need help regarding the change of the auto binding fields to modify of a date picker.

I have 8 dates within the system and would like to create a mechanism - when a dropdown value is changed it changes the displayed date and the element to which the date picker is autobound.
So that the user, can change the date for the element depending on the future choice.

Has anybody managed to solve this?

Currently I do it via workflow.
Though I wonder if there is a way to do it with autobinding.

autobinding is when the user interacts with the input element…sounds like you want the user to interact with an input to change the date in a date picker and I would ask why would you do that instead of just having them interact with the date picker

@boston85719 I wanted the user to be able to see on the date picker field the current date and be able to change it to viable date, automatically chaning the related thing. The trick was this required also to adapt depending on a dropdown list value as well as sort in ascending order. But I did it via workflow.

2 Main Concerns…

1st - Be inserted in a “Group of the Thing”
2nd - Dates include Time (change every second…)

With that in mind, it is the same processo of any input.

When I said 8 dates, I meant 8 different date fields, not a list of things - should have been more precise there.
And - for me a date DD/MM/YYYY is enough, do not need the hours and below.