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How to change color of an element based time

What would be the conditionals to change the color of an element after 3 seconds pass and make it disappear in 4?


conditions or workflows

Probably just use a workflow… but it depends on what you’re doing and why?.

Oh I realized that one of my forms is extremely long and it takes some time to upload the data on the inputs to the data base. So I’m thinking of creating a pop up that displays a loading icon and making it disappear after 4 seconds

You can just use a workflow for that…

But why 4 seconds?.. wouldn’t it be better do display the loader just as long as it takes? (maybe more, maybe less)

that would be amazing. Do you know how to do it? I never thought that was an option haha

how would the workflow be and what plug in do you suggest? I currently have CSS Loading animations but that’s just like an icon with movement

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