How to do something after x seconds?

Does anybody know the proper way to trigger a workflow or hide/show an element based on a condition that would “track” the number of seconds after a previous workflow event took place?

I have a button pressed for saving information on the first group of an on-boarding flow. On this button press I set a custom sate on the page equal to the current date/time


Then after a popup will be shown if a list of images is below a certain count. The popup shows a progress bar. This popup does not hide until after the count of the image list hits the target number.

What I want to do is show a message when the amount of time since the user pressed the save button ( and set the time_stamp ) as surpassed a certain duration in seconds.

I have set up a conditional on the group to display the message and tried to set up a workflow event to show the message but neither methods are working the way I have set up the conditionals.

The condition I set up I was hoping would track if the time between the button being pressed and the popup becoming visible was greater than 1 second.

Anybody have experience with doing something like this and having success with it?

I was thinking about this same issue the other day, but for another purpose. I was going to try to use the state with a time and date, then use the “do every xxx seconds” workflow to test whether something has been changed. I’m not in front of my computer so i can’t provide screenshots, but i hope this gives you an idea.

you don’t need to set a state with the current date/time. you can delete that

Part A:

  1. Make the element that is supposed to be shown only after “save” is clicked not visible. Dont delete the element. Just uncheck visible by default or visible on page-load forgot what its called. Also, remove the current conditions you have regarding time.

Part B:

  1. create a custom event.
  2. in that custom event, put a workflow action that shows whatever element you wanna show

Part C:
When the save button is pressed, run this workflow:

  1. save info - whatever is supposed to be saved when the user hits “save”
  2. “schedule a custom event”
  3. select the custom event you created in Part B.
  4. select how much time needs to pass by after the save button was clicked